Y2 Term Two

P2 started the New Year with a BANG!!   Our new topic is 'Birthdays and Celebrations'.  We used PVA glue, salt and watercolours to make some New Year Fireworks!
****P2 Science Experiment****
In our travel and transport topic we have enjoyed finding out about hot air balloons and what makes them rise up in the air. For our experiment we attached a balloon onto the end of a bottle and put it in a basin of cold water and then into a basin of very hot water. The results were astonishing! The balloon began to fill with air and inflate when we put it into the basin of hot water.  We learnt that hot air rises. The balloon also inflated when we squeezed the bottle as this caused the air to push up into the balloon.
Hot air balloons float up high into the sky when the burners heat the air causing it to rise and inflate the large balloon.