P6/7 Term Two

Our Year 6/7 class had the pleasure of being involved in an art session with student, Madison. She showcased some famous artists like Kandinsky and how he painted using music and how the music made him feel.

The children had lots of fun expressing their thoughts and feelings on various music they listened to in class. It got a little messy!

The Adventures of Yolkie Eggstrong

As part of their topic the P6/7 class were set a STEM challenge to safely return ‘egg-stronaut’, Yolkie Eggstrong to earth safely! The boys and girls had to work in groups to create a re-entry module for Yolkie, to ensure he survived a bumpy landing. They had to think carefully and design protective craft out of recycled materials while thinking about how to reduce the effects of gravity and increase air resistance.

Miraculously, each and every egg survived the landing. Looks like we have a class full of future engineers for the ESA.