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Poyntzpass Primary School

It's OFFICIAL!! Art of Brilliance Award achieved!!

18th Oct 2018

Well, as of 12.00 this afternoon (Thursday 18th October 2018) it became OFFICIAL that Poyntzpass Primary is now the ONLY school in all of Northern Ireland and Ireland to have achieved their Art of Brilliance Award and to be deemed an "OUTSTANDINGLY happy school!". This is an incredible achievement and is an ongoing journey for all our Primary 5, 6 and 7 children involved in the programme, developing their powers of positive thinking, confidence, resilience, optimism, community spirit, kindness, aspiration and inner strength through a range of practical workshops and activities. Learning focuses on the BIG FIVE;

1.CHOOSING to be positive

2.Understanding your IMPACT

3.Setting HUGE goals

4. Bouncebackability

5. Taking personal responsibility

The aim of being a "Brilliant School" was originally initiated by a desire to leave a sustainable, long-term well-being ethos, driven by the children themselves, that would cascade down through to the younger year groups. It is teaching designed to develop positive mental health skills in our pupils which we expect and intend to sustain our children way beyond the classroom in today's pressured world. In order to achieve this incredible award the children themselves had to design, prepare and present a ten point programme of work and activities to showcase their understanding of the teaching involved to their community. This included a power point presentation, information leaflet, positive quotes noticeboard, comic strip, play, poem, rap, video, random acts of kindness and parent assembly. 

Today, we as a staff and school community proudly witnessed the growing of resilient, inspired, invigorated and most importantly of all happy learners and we hope you will continue to follow our "Art of Brilliance" journey each week as we progress through the year and beyond! Drop in every now and again to see what we have all been up to and how we are spreading the happiness person to person.